Hera's Crab

Hera’s Crab

Using vibrant cosmic colors, Stacie Lemoine, captures the essence of the Greek story of Hera and the crab. In the story, Hercules is forced to perform nine heroic tasks, or Labours, one being that he had to slay the nine headed monster, Hydra. The jealous goddess, Hera, seeing this as a perfect opportunity to defeat Hercules, sends a giant crab to distract him during his battle with Hydra. The hero defeats the crab by crushing his shell beneath his foot, so Hera places the crab’s image in the night sky as a reward for its service, making it the constellation of Cancer.

The artist, Stacie Lemoine, is a Louisiana native working towards finishing up her degree in childhood education. She painted this piece in acrylic on paper, and it is a beautiful illustration of the Greek myth of Cancer. I can’t wait to see more of her work in the future!


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