Chapter One

Good morning y’all! Here is an update on my work in progress: The past several days I have been obsessively pouring over my manuscript, going through it line by line, hoping that when I am done I will have finally completed my manuscript. Yay! So close to a completed manuscript that I can see that last period at the end of the last sentence.

It makes me wonder how I will feel in that moment. Relief? Exhaustion? The “what now” questions? I have been working on this book for about a year and a half now, snatching moments early in the mornings over an entire pot of coffee. At work when time allowed. Even late at night, I would get an idea and couldn’t go to sleep until I felt I had gotten it all down on paper. I am a bit disorderly in that I prefer to scribble everything down on legal pads and sticky notes before transferring everything over to my computer. It’s safe to say my desk is a chaotic disaster that I actually find comforting.

Yesterday, after reaching the midway point of my book and being satisfied with what I had so far, I decided to do a little agent researching. Oh, my Lord, how overwhelming! I did find several agencies accepting submissions from new authors, so that is a plus. And I like the fact that most of them preferred to get submissions through email. I really was dreading the thought of sending it out through snail mail.

So here is my plan: I leave for Japan in four weeks- which I am extremely pumped about- so that will be my deadline for my final draft. When I get back to the states in three months, I will tidy up that query I have been working on and begin the submission process to every agent accepting new authors in my genre. Oh yeah, and that would be my tip for the day: As I have mentioned in previous posts, research is a must. If you are getting ready to find an agent make sure they are accepting works in your genre. In other words, don’t send out your fantasy manuscript to an agent only accepting romance. It is just a waste of time. I will leave you with that for now, and I would love to hear back from anyone who has already done this or is currently working on submitting their work. Have a great day!


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