Two posts in one day! Since I just posted where I am at this point in the final draft on my manuscript, I thought I would share an excerpt from the third chapter. It is a view into the rave culture during the late 1990s.

“James was in the dj booth leaning over the tables, cans on his head, bobbing up and down. I watched him bend down and snort a huge rail of something off the spinning record. In front of him kids were candy stepping, some spinning on their heads, flipping and break dancing. Some were spinning their glow sticks in the air on strings. I saw kids with flashing pacifiers in their mouths that blinked along with the music. And everyone was wearing candy.

It was insane. It was beautiful. And it was in that moment PLUR- peace, love, unity, and respect- made perfect sense to me. All of these people, unified because of their shared love of the music. Respect given despite our differences, or appearance, or sexual orientation. Through the music we were unifying against a society saying that we didn’t fit the mold. There was life in that beat, but there was also purpose. It was revolutionary. I watched the bodies moving like a single living organism, and I felt something spiritual. The way I was supposed to feel in church. This was my church.”


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