Drama FaceI love to create something, anything. Whether it is through creating stories or painting a picture on a fresh piece of canvas, I love the timeless feeling I get through making something from nothing. Now I’ve painted on canvas, as I’ve said, I’ve painted on planks of wood, paper, even old cypress stumps, but a while back my supervisor approached me with a new idea. “Have you ever painted a munny?” he said. What the heck is a munny? I had never heard of this term.

Cheshire Cat

Well, a munny is a white acrylic doll, a child’s toy really. It comes in a various sizes in little boxes with stickers and accessories not unlike a Mr. Potato head. So I figured why not, I enjoy experimenting with new projects. So the day they arrived in the mail, I set to work. I scrubbed down the head, body, and arms- all separate pieces- with soap and water. Then I began the painting process. Ok, these little things are WAY different that painting on a piece of canvas, but through lots- and I do mean lots- of trial and error I painted these: a Cheshire Cat, a drama face, and a zombie. Hmmm…I’m thinking about what the next one should be. Any ideas?

.Cat Zombie


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