September 10, 1999

First stop, the fun house. Because what better way to kick start seven hits of LSD than to take a walk through a maze of image distorting mirrors and moving tunnels and laughing clowns. I was now officially out of my box. Standing in front of a curvy mirror, I watched wide eyed as the flesh on my face melted off. It dripped onto the floor forming a gooey puddle at my feet. It was terrifying. I couldn’t stop watching it. The drip, drip, drip of my skin dropping to the ground. Should I try to scoop it up in my hands? But then how would I put it back on my face? And what if it wouldn’t go back on? I pressed my face against the curved glass to get a better look.

Daisy gently pulled me away from the mirror. Such pretty emerald eyes. “Let’s go, lovey. I want out of here,” she said gently to me with a soft touch to my arm.

Yes, get those eyes out of here before the clowns see them. Childlike, I followed close behind her. It was already dark when we emerged from the fun house. The fair was strung up with lights everywhere. Like comets they whipped passed us as we walked along the midway. And my hands reached up to catch one. So close. I could keep it in my room. But no, you can’t keep a comet. But maybe, maybe you could become a comet. Yes, I would be a comet. My bright, blazing tail zipping me through the sky. Far away from here.


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