Sunset on the Lake

Beach Sunset painted by Sawyer


Lighting up a cigarette from the pack of Camels he just bought, he inhaled deeply enjoying the taste. He also enjoyed the squish of the cool wet sand between his toes as he walked bare foot along the lapping edge of the shore.

‘She’s crazy,’ he thought.

The ring felt heavy in his pocket. He thought back to the day he first met her. It was at that barbeque down at the lake. He saw the crazy in her golden eyes then, as she danced on tip toes along the wooden pier in a lacey summer dress. Her long sandy hair blowing in the wind. Laughing in childish delight as she blew bubbles into the sky. He wanted her then. He wanted her now- two years later.

He had planned this beach vacation to give her the ring that was weighing down his pocket. But so far he hadn’t been able to find the right moment. Tonight she had been drunk (again), just like the night before that.

Maybe he would slip it on her finger while she slept.

Yes, that’s it, he thought.

Let her wake up to find that shimmering rock catching in the morning light on her hand. He could imaging her reaction. Crazy, giddy, jumping on the bed with excitement. Throwing her arms around his neck. He loved her crazy.

And with that decision made, he turned around and headed back towards their ugly little hotel room with the ugly brown and yellow carpet. At room 213 on the second floor, he inserted the key and twisted the knob. The door swung open. And the blood. Oh God, so much blood. He saw the blood before he saw her. Gone…


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