Long time, no see, and I’ve missed you! (Cue fireworks)

Yes, that’s right- I’ve had a surge in motivation, a renewal of passion in my work, and God bless, it feels amazing! Before last weekend, I had not picked up a paint brush in…well, six months. The desire just wasn’t there. It was a struggle even sitting long enough to work on a graphite sketch. My writing…well that had all but stopped. What little I did manage to accomplish felt forced.

Where did the drive go to begin with? I have no idea, just suspicions. Why it has returned? Again, I haven’t the slightest clue. But I tell you what, while it’s back, I am going to be one busy lady!

Oh, and in case I never mentioned in my previous posts…I’m pregnant!


In my third trimester and counting down the days until Baby Henry is born. And that reunion with my paint brushes over the weekend… that was me working on a painting to go in the nursery.


And my writing…well I am writing this post aren’t I? But seriously, I’m back at work on my next book in the Mellie series with an end goal in sight. Which means those of you who haven’t read the first one, Mellie: A Story of Vinyl and Candy, need to get busy!

book cover


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