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I’m excited to announce that Poems of Mellie was released today on Amazon. Mellie is the main character from my novel, Mellie: A Story of Vinyl and Candy, which is a flashback, coming of age story told from Mellie’s point of view with help from her diaries and poetry. Following along with her through her trials and downfalls, her battles with addiction and abuse, well…you just don’t know whether to hug her or shake her!

Mellie is a flawed but redeemable character who’s story I have been so wrapped up in writing, because it did not end with the first book. I am currently in the process of writing the second in this series. While Mellie grows from her past mistakes and experiences, she still has a long way to go and a lot left to learn. But don’t we all!

The story told to Mellie’s poems are a powerful one that lend much insight to her internal struggles, so I felt they deserved there own book. Here is a sneak peek of what’s inside.



My artificial happiness seeps out of my pores

And I slip into insanity

I shut you out of my life as I slam the door

And you scratch your eyes out

Remember when I tried to fly away

And then you destroyed my beautiful wings

I’ll make you pay

I see my reflection in the mirror

And its dirty glass cracks the world

My tears flood the bathroom floor

As I claw at my skin

So hurry and get your copy today! Both can be found on Amazon!




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