As a child growing up in the deep South, I was taught from as early as I can remember the importance of having good manners. Respect given to my elders was seen as a direct reflection of my upbringing, and whether it was at home, church, or school, failing to say ma’am or sir would have resulted with a swift smack on the bottom. As a mother of two daughters, I try to instill in them the same values I was brought up with, which is one of the reasons I found this book to be so helpful, because it builds upon what I have already tried to teach my girls. To clarify, Beyond Good Manners does not suggest that you smack your child on the bottom! But it does emphasize the importance of good manners through speech, appearance, and body language, and it applies to a child of any age range.

I love that this book leads with examples and scenarios that show a child who displays good manners vs. a child that doesn’t, and covers important topics such as etiquettes, polite communication and dealing with conflict. And what parent doesn’t want their child to be well behaved in public? We have all see the kid throwing the tantrum in the grocery store, or the teenager who is sarcastic and disrespectful to an elder. Reading this book will give parents the tools and lessons they need to teach their child through example, role playing, and social opportunities  how to be considerate, independent, and present their best self.

You can find Beyond Good Manners: How to Raise a Sophisticated Child on Amazon and Audible.



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