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“Mellie is a difficult read but a brilliant read, nonetheless. It follows the life and struggles of a girl whose life has been disrupted by divorce, drugs and an abusive relationship with her turbulent boyfriend. It’s a story about pain and loss and identity but it’s also an extremely interesting look into the rave or candy culture of the 90’s. The fearless storytelling and frank portrayals instantly reminded me of Less Than Zero or Trains Spotting. Mellie is also a story about survival and hope – no matter how dark things become for the heroine it is always possible to see glimpses of her inner strength and joy for life shine through. The narrative is sprinkled throughout with poems that read like stream of consciousness and provide as much insight into the characters as the prose does. The poems could actually stand alone as a separate book.

Sawyer weaves a tale as powerful as it is magnetic and I found myself not wanting to put it down. The ending struck me as abrupt and I can only hope a sequel is in the works. If there is then I will be downloading it without hesitation. Highly recommend!”- Amazon Customer


A brilliant story on self redemption!

“The story is set on one of the most common backdrop nowadays but still provides great impact on our lives: divorce, drug addiction, broken families and hopeless future. A very poignant and candid storytelling: it tells a story of a teenage girl from a broken family. It follows on how the girl, in her difficult age, rebels, trying to cope up from all the sudden change and pain. Her story shows that no matter how we fail and commit mistakes, and whatever hardship we will face, there will always be a chance for us to redeem ourselves back on what we are supposed to be: loved, respected and happy.”

– Laura Turpin

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