Hello to all my readers, fellow artists, and creative like minded people! When I started this blog, it was very important to me that it was to be used as a platform not only for my own work, but also the work of others. A place to share, and learn, and appreciate the creation of different mediums. So today I would like to share a bit of (hopefully helpful) tips for you.

Okay, so first of all I would like to introduce the grand opening of my Etsy shop, Bubblingwip. Yes, I’m plugging a self promotion, so stop by and take a look after you are finished reading this. But I promised a helpful tip…have you thought of opening your own shop on Etsy?

Etsy already has millions of customers searching and browsing through shops daily, so the traffic is already there to get noticed. If you are an artist, show off your work in a shop of your very own! And if you are a writer…did you know that you can sell your book on Etsy? This means that you are not limited to Amazon, Nook, and the other typical ebook outlets.

You still have to do the leg work to promote your work, but take advantage of the wonderful use of tags to help those Etsy customers find you. Then you can share and hashtag it up on another preferred forum such as Facebook, Twitter, etc… There are tools available to help people find you, so use them.

Advertisement is also a great way to attract attention to your work. For example, for a small fee, a minimum of $1 a day -I am doing this, Etsy will push your product to the top of the search list. Another way to get your work to the top of the list is the use of a descriptive title. For instance, you are selling a painting of a fruit basket. Don’t just put a simple title like “Fruit Basket”, or you are doomed to get lost in all the other fruit basket paintings. Instead try for a lengthy title describing your work like “Fruit Basket, Oil Painting on Canvas, Home décor, Fruit Décor, Wall Art”. So when Miss Sally Whatsherface is browsing through Esty and types in FRUIT WALL ART in the search bar…bam, there is your painting up at the top of the list.

Or you can take advantage of my blog. I’ve offered before, and I will put it out their again. If you have anything you are trying to get noticed, be it a book of any art form, put it here. After all, we should be helping each other out whenever we can. And I will end on that note, so all you beautiful people have an awesome day! And tap into that creative flow!


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