Santa Special!


The holidays are now in full swing, and since I’m feeling extra festive I have marked both Mellie and Poems of Mellie down to .99c

That means hurry your butt over to Amazon to get your Christmas deal! Then you can curl up in your favorite holiday pjs or ugly fuzzy around the house sweater -you know the one…I could wear my granny sweater for days at a time if I didn’t have to leave the house and be a productive member of society. Fill your mug to the brim with egg nog if that’s your thing. I personally can’t stand the stuff, but it paints a roasty holiday image, right? I digress. Disregard my ramble and go treat yourself to a great book!

Melanie Woodward has everything going for her- great life, loving husband, and two incredible kids. But Mellie is a tormented woman struggling to find reason in the madness of her past. After years of battling with her demons, she becomes convinced that she only has one option left- to write the story of what really happened. She has to confront what happened with Thomas Scalia. Through old journal entries and writings she recounts a realm of hard hitting beats filled with shimmering candy kids in the underground rave scene, a descent into self-harm and drug addiction, and the escalating violence of her DJ boyfriend, Thomas. In writing her story, Mellie will find peace one way or another- through the pen or through the blade.


A collection of poems from the book Mellie: A Story of Vinyl and Candy.



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