There is a feeling I always imaged I would get holding a printed copy of my book in my hands. All those words and all the hours, those head scratching late nights exhausted into pages. My pages. And I’m still waiting for that feeling! My ordered copy will arrive May 11th, and I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. But when I do finally get to thumb through the pages of my first novel, I will let y’all know if it is everything I expected.

Now if you’ve ready my previous blogs then you already now how I was a bit conflicted whether to try to get published traditionally or go the indie route. I did my research and originally decided I was going to snag an agent. And gosh, isn’t it just like fishing? After a few nibbles but no real bites, I decided to self publish my novel. It’s good stuff, and I refused to believe otherwise despite an inbox full of rejection letters. It made me wonder how many great books go unread. So thank goodness independent publishing is an option for us writers! It puts the power to get our work out to readers in our hands. The work is hard, but so rewarding. So come on May 11th, I’m ready for my copy of Mellie!

Y’all can get your paperback copy at


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